Murina Galina-Vanzetti Vasiliyevna: biobibliographic profile




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This issue is a humble contribution to celebration of the 85-th birthday of Galina-Vanzetti V. Murina, D.Sc. (Biol.), Professor, the recognized authority in the taxonomy and zoogeography of mariculture organisms and meroplankton. For several decades Dr. G.-V.V. Murina has been a leading scientific worker at the Department of Mariculture and Applied Oceanology in the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The key points of her biography and scientific advancement are presented. This publication is intended for biologists, oceanologists, zoologists, ecologists, post graduates, university students and for any interested reader.

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Murina Galina-Vanzetti Vasiliyevna: biobibliographic profile / compiled by G. F. Guseva; revised and translated into English by O.V. Klimentova. - Sevastopol, 2012. - 46 pp. - (Biobibliographic index of scientists of Ukraine)