Особенности жизненного цикла Peltogaster paguri (Rhizocephala: Peltogastridae)

Some aspects of Peltogaster paguri (Rhizocephala: Peltogastridae) life cycle



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Rhizocephalans are highly specialised parasites. They have peculiar life cycle, and their adults lost almost all traits found usually in Crustacea. Unfortunately, many aspects of the morphology, physiology and life cycle of these animals are still unknown. It was considered that representatives of Peltogaster paguri from the family Peltogastridae bear only one externa. However, it turned out that some of the specimens bear at least two externas on one interna. So in the current research we aimed at studying the morphology of the interna of Peltogaster paguri that bears multiple externas. The interna if it bears multiple externa or not, has very high level of tissue differentiation. We have found some specimens that were bearing two externas. This unusual feature reflected on the morphology of interna. In the anterior part of the main trunk one of the side roots went back to the abdomen of the host and bore numerous side branches and the bud of a new externa. So the new externae had it's own secondary internae.

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