Качественный состав и количественное распределение макро- и мейобентоса у северного побережья Кавказа

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Some polychaetes, molluscs and crustaceans recently found in benthic fauna of the northern coast of the Caucasus were identified as new and rare species for the Black Sea. Several hydrobionts, habitats of which are confined to concrete depths in the sea near the southern shore of the Crimea, dwell within a relatively wide depth range near the northern coast of the Caucasus. Five biocenoses found in the Caucasian coastal zone are: 1) Venus gallina – Divaricella divaricata, 2) Caecum trachea – Gouldia minima, 3) Gouldia minima – Modiola adriatica – Terebellides stroemi, 4) Mytilus galloprovincialis and 5) Modiola phaseolina. The largest abundance and biomass of macro- and meiobenthos have been registered in the biocenosis of Mytilus galloprovincialis. Comparison between the Caucasian and the homonymous Crimean coastal bottom biocenoses has shown that characteristic species in them are different. Species diversity and the abundance of macro- and meiobenthos are greater and the biomass of benthos is lesser in the seawater area of the northern coast of the Caucasus. The stock of benthos in this region of the sea was assessed 1360 kg/ha.
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