Особенности белкового роста и жиронакопления у черноморских рыб

Peculiarities of protein growth and fat accumulation in Black sea fishes



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Biologiya morya


The protein growth and fat accumulation in different species and intraspecies groups of Black sea fishes were investigated. There were revealed some quantity characteristics of processes studied which are connected with biological features of these fishes. For characteristic of the processes under investigation the "mean run curves" (monotonously increasing functions) are to be drawn and the variation of quantities of protein and fat (connected with seasonal physiological rhythms) around these "mean run curves" are to be studied. It is shown that the character of "mean run curves" of protein growth depends on the fish life-span. Proportional value of variational processes in protein metabolism in fishes decreases with the age, and progressive processes increase. Close connection with the relation between the protein growth and fat accumulation in the total balance of matter in the fish organism and environment of populations was found. Processes of protein growth and fat accumulation in most species of the fish studied occur simultaneously.

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