Рост мидий в Севастопольской бухте

Growth of mussels in the Sevastopol Bay



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In the Sevastopol Bay reproduction of mussels goes, possibly, year round because their larvae were found in the samples of plankton from January to December. As the records show, the number of mussel larvae has been largest from July to September; during cold season of the year the findings were only solitary. According to the observations, mussel shell, whether during the first month of settling or the first and later years of life, is intensively growing in June and August. The largest increase – to 14.5 mm a month – is characteristic of the first year of life; later, during the 2nd and the 3rd year the growth rate sharply decreases. By the end of the first year, largest dimensions were registered in mussels which have become settled during the period from May to June. The maximum length that has been registered for mussels in the Sevastopol Bay is 108 mm. The Black Sea harbours a rich stock of mussels which has not been adequately exploited as yet. Given proper concern, mussel fishery would furnish a variety of useful products such as foodstuff, feeding meal and vitamin-protein concentrates intended for cattle and poultry.

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