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    (К.: Фітосоціоцентр, 2013)
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    Investigation of photosynthetic inactive suspension in some algae cultures at growth and under different illumination
    (К.: Фітосоціоцентр, 2013) Solomonova, E. S.; Akimov, A. I.
    The volume fraction of photosynthetic inactive suspension (PIS) under favorable growth conditions is 1-2% of the total biomass of algae species with rigid silicon - or cellulose membrane (Ph. tricornutum and Ch. vulgaris suboblonga), and does not exceed 0.5% of the populations of cells Is. Galban with cytoplasmic membrane. In the stationary phase of growth, as well as at high light intensities, the percentage of PIS is increased to 10-20% in Ch. vulgaris suboblonga and Ph. Tricornutum cultures. Increasing of PIS fraction is shown in the long-term steady-state, probably due to the high density of the culture, and not to the deficit of mineral nutrition. The particle size of PIS (Ph. tricornutum) widely varies, from a value exceeding the size of the cells to particles of less than 1 mkm3.
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    Influence of the nitrogen concentration in the medium on the maximum growth rate and C/Chl a ratio in Phaeodactylum tricornutum Bohlin
    (К.: Фітосоціоцентр, 2013) Shoman, N. Y.
    Decreasing of the nitrogen content in the original medium from 12 to 0.07 mg/L has no effect on the maximum growth rate and the C / Chl ratio, but it determines the maximum possible biomass of algae. The final density of the culture depends linearly from the initial concentration of nitrogen in the medium. Algal growth stops when the nitrogen content in the water reaches zero.
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    Dynamics of the biochemical composition in microalgal cells under growth on light-dark period
    (К.: Фітосоціоцентр, 2013) Novikova, Т. М.; Trenkenshu, R. P.
    The mathematical model allowing predicting the dynamics of protein, carbohydrates and lipids content on the pre-exponential and exponential growth phases of batch cultures of microalgae was developed. The point of developed model is to divide the synthesis processes of structural and reserved forms of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, presented in a cell. The model is a system of differential equations that describes the synthesis and transformation of biochemical components in a cell. Solution of the obtained equations system allows to describe quantitatively the dynamics of changes in the biochemical composition of microalgae cells in batch culture.
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    Dynamics of extracellular and intracellular carbohydrates during growth of Porphyridium purpureum
    (К.: Фітосоціоцентр, 2013) Novikova, Т. М.; Kharchuk, I. A.
    The dynamics of the extracellular and intracellular carbohydrates in batch culture during Porphyridium purpureum growth was investigated. It was found that of reserve intracellular carbohydrates was 2-4% of the dry weight. The content of structural carbohydrates in the linear growth stage was 4-5% of the dry weight of cells, and it was 8.5% in the stationary growth phase. The maximum amount of extracellular carbohydrates in the culture medium was registered in mid-log growth phase of Porphyridium purpureum cells.